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How will the coronavirus affect the outdoor furniture industry?

As we know, the rapid spread of the coronavirus—a potentially fatal respiratory illness deemed a global health crisis by the World Health Organization—has halted air travel, shut down factories and left many wondering what the long-term effects will be on the 2020 selling season.

Now, as factories delay operations due to the rapid spread of the disease, industries from all are warning that coronavirus will lower production or deliveries.

In fact, the coronavirus in China has been completely controlled, and tanfly outdoor furniture factory has been produced and transported normally. According to survey data from criteo, Sales of Outdoor Furniture went through the roof in the UK (+1908%), Germany (+956%), and also rose in the US (+428%), and France (+303%). In South Korea, Outdoor Seating sales climbed +167%.

Our North American clients feedback that their market sales have increased significantly, have to replenish inventory to avoid out of stock and place a big order. We have also developed variety of patio swing chair new products suitable for sale on e-commerce platforms. If you encounter the same problem, please contact our sales team, we will give you satisfaction products and sales support.

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